Our Vision We believe that nutrition plays a fundamental role in everyone’s health and wellbeing and that is also one of the great pleasures of life. Until a few years ago suffering from food intolerance, becoming vegan or deciding to follow a particular diet or nutrition lifestyle meant having to settle for sad and boring dishes today. Luckily, this is no longer the case today, there are plenty of healthy and tasteful products even for anyone who follows a "special" diet. On PinkFoodShop you will find products rich in taste but also somehow "special", tested and handpicked from producers who share our passion for quality. The Team We proudly are a small business and for us this is a strong point which differentiates us from many other larger but completely impersonal companies devoted to budgets and incomes. We are a small family of real people who have decided to invest time and a lot of passion in a project in which they strongly believe. Barbara Arlati, founder of Pinkfoodshop.it Barbara, the creator of the project. She had a difficult relationship with food in youth and after years of therapy she realized how important it is to eat well to stay and live healthy. In recent years she has begun to combine his passion for travel with the search of "special" food products, realizing that some countries have more developed markets while in other areas, like Italy, offer is very limited despite the number of people who find themselves intolerant, or just decide to embrace a particular diet or lifestyle, is constantly increasing. Pinkfoodshop was born for this, to offer "special" but tasteful products and widening the selection available to customers. If you have a doubt or a curiosity about any product on sale on our store, ask her. Rest assured that not only she tasted it first, but she would also be able to tell you many information about the product and his producer and the reason why she selected it. Nicola Pitrè, founding partner Pinkfoodshop.it Nicola, Barbara's partner and husband. IT background, deals about trades, sales and logistics. In short, he deals with everything in which Barbara is not cut for. Healthy eating has not always been his priority, but working among these products and this passionate team, we are sure that in the end we’ll be able to convert him. Don't ask him about fat foods but he can solve any problem related to couriers and shipments. Emanuela, the healthy food expert. She is Barbara's mother but above all a true encyclopedia of all the healthiest diets ever invented. She approached the Zone Diet several years ago when she quitted smoking and since then she tried them all, one after another. If you find an ingredient with a mysterious name, ask her as well, for sure she not only knows what it is and what properties it has but she has some in the pantry and knows how to use it best. Rita, vegan for many years and now "only" vegetarian, passionate about health and wellness. One of our favorite taster friends and consultants. A special person. Mikaela, mother of two childrens (now boys) with celiac disease. In addition to being a large and varied group of testers, she and her family immediately became passionate about the Pinkfoodshop project and know how to make themselves useful in a thousand ways. Fundamental. Veronica, Niccolò, Federica, Marco, Renata, Marinella, Elisabetta and Christian are our great group of tasters. Each of them, with his precious contribution, has helped us to choose all the products that you can now find on sale in our shop. We can never thank them enough.