Cookie information uses cookies to offer its users personalized services and a better browsing experience. By using our site and accepting the terms and conditions of this information, as well as the general terms and conditions of sale, you are consenting to the use of cookies in accordance with the terms and conditions of the information itself. Information about cookies A cookie is a small file, generally consisting of alphanumeric characters, which is downloaded to a device when the user accesses certain websites. Cookies allow a website to recognize the user's device, track their navigation through the different pages of a website and identify users who visit a site again. Cookies do not contain information that personally identifies the user, but the personal information we store in relation to the user can be linked by us to the information stored in the cookies and obtained from them. For more information, see the What Are Cookies website. Session and permanent cookies Cookies can expire at the end of a browser session (the period between the opening of a browser window by the user and its closure) or they can be kept for a longer period of time. Session cookies - allow websites to link the actions of a user during a browser session. Session cookies expire when the browser session ends and therefore are not stored for long. For this reason, session cookies can be considered less intrusive from a privacy point of view than persistent cookies. Permanent cookies - are stored on a user's device between browser sessions and allow you to store user preferences or actions with respect to a site (or in some cases with respect to different websites). Proprietary Cookies and Third Party Cookies There are two types of cookies: Owners are the cookies set by the visited domain. Third Parties are cookies set by a domain other than the one visited by the user. We talk about a third party cookie if a user visits a website and a third company sets a cookie through that site. Profiling cookies Profiling cookies are designed to create user profiles and are used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user while surfing the net. Due to the particular invasiveness that such devices may have within the private sphere of users, European and Italian legislation requires the user to be adequately informed about their use and thus express their valid consent. Cookies from this website: how we use cookies uses cookies to make the browsing and shopping experience of its users simple and efficient. On this website we use: 1) Session cookies Cookie Name Cookie Description sn Random numeric code that identifies the user's session _UTMC Numeric hash of the Google Analytics account 2) Permanent cookies Cookie Name Cookie Description id_visitor Alphanumeric code that allows you to identify if the user has already visited the site. cart This cookie is essential for the cart and checkout functions _UTMA This cookie keeps track of the following information: numeric hash of the account data, random number, time of access, number of occurrences. _UTMB This cookie keeps track of the following information: numeric hash of the account data, access time, some information relating to access. _ UTMZ This cookie keeps track of the following information: numeric hash of account data, access time, specific information on access, number of occurrences, keywords, origin and country. cookie_privacy This cookie is used to recognize if the user has read the cookies policy We may use the information we obtain from the use of our cookies by the user for the following purposes: to recognize the user's computer when visiting our website; to track your browsing on our website; to keep track of the user's acceptance or acknowledgment of the cookie policy; to improve the usability of the website; to analyze the use of our website; to manage this website; to avoid scams and improve the security of the website; to customize the website according to the user's needs. We also use Google Analytics to analyze the use of this website. For more information on individual analytical cookies, see the Google privacy policy. Blocking / Management / Elimination of cookies You can configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject them all or receive a notification when a cookie is set. Each browser is different, so it is advisable to check the procedures for changing cookie preferences in the manufacturer's guide: Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Blocking all cookies will, however, have a negative impact on the usability of many websites. If you block all cookies, you will not be able to fully use the features and applications on this website. In detail: the "add to cart" button on the website pages (eg in the product lists or product sheets) will not add the items to the cart; by filling out the registration forms on the site, the system will not be able to keep the user's information in memory when passing from one registration step to the next.